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Cleaning an IDEA Whiteboard

This article describes the best way to clean projection whiteboards on campus.

Importing a Moodle Course into another

This is a guide for moving older courses' content into a newer site on Moodle.

Installing and Launching Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a great tool for recording lectures and other multi-faceted set-ups You can record two camera inputs at once, two screens, or a camera and a screen. These recordings are then easily uploaded into the Kaltura MediaSpace video portal to be shared with others.

Managing Zoom Cloud Recordings

Zoom permits meeting and webinar hosts to record their sessions. To prevent this cloud storage from filling up ITS offers several options for managing your Zoom Cloud recordings.

Manually Enrolling a User into a Moodle Course Site

Moodle, a learning platform and course management system, allows for manual enrollment of user into a course (as a teacher or student)

Moodle FAQs

This article outlines several common questions around Moodle.

Recording a Second Screen with Kaltura Classroom

This article describes how to change Kaltura Classroom's recorded input to match the projector.

Recording with Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is a recording software allowing for easy screen and webcam recording and uploading onto

Recording with Kaltura Classroom

This article describes how to create an ad hoc recording using Kaltura Classroom.

Scheduling a Recording in Kaltura

How to schedule an event using Kaltura (only available to limited users).

Screen Recording with Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture can be used to save short video and audio clips on a computer.

Setting Moodle Course Visibility

This is a guide for changing courses from hidden to visible and vice versa in Moodle.

Sharing a Kaltura Video

This article describes different methods for sharing a video using the Kaltura video platform.

Transcribing Audio with Kaltura

This how-to guide provides information on how to export machine captioning information for a Kaltura audio or video entry.

Uploading a Video to Kaltura

This article describes the process for putting your video files into Kaltura's online platform.