Screen Recording with Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture can record computer screen content of many media sources.

  1. Open Kaltura Capture or install it by visiting the download page (login required).
  2. In Kaltura Capture, ensure that Screen and Audio are toggled on.
  3. Select the correct display (a preview will display).
  4. Select either Full Screen or Select Area.
  5. Click the red record button to start.
  6. Play the desired media clip.
  7. Press the Kaltura Capture Stop button when the clip is finished.  Confirm by selecting Yes, Stop It.
  8. Give your video a title and click on Save.  The option for Save & Upload is not necessary.
  9. Click the gear icon to see the Kaltura Capture settings.  Copy the location under Current recording directory.
  10. Navigate to the copied folder.
    1. On a Mac, open Finder, and select Go > Go to Folder...  Paste the file location and click Go.
    2. On a PC, open Explorer, and paste the location in the drive path.
  11. If you have multiple videos in this directory, sort by the date to see the most recent recording.
  12. Recordings are named as a long string of characters (e.g. 1CEE2D67-xxxxxxxxx-.mp4).  Select your recording and move it to a more desirable location.


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