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Accounts, Email & Calendar

Accounts, directory and profile information, password management, video/web conferencing, E-mail and online collaboration tools

Backup & Storage

File sharing and storage, device and file backup for workstations

Business and Administrative Systems

Portals, forms, surveys and consulting services for business and administrative applications


You will use your ColbyCard to gain access to residence halls and dining halls, check books out of the libraries, do laundry, buy postage, buy a soft drink, make photocopies, and make purchases at the Joseph Family Spa, Cotter Union Post Office, Bookstore, Marchese Blue Light Pub, Library, and Health Center.

Event A/V Support

Technological and production support for campus events and general audio/visual consultation

Information Security

Secure computing policies, practices and training, device encryption and multi-factor authentication

Internet & TV

Wired and wireless network access, VPN services and streaming television service

Phone & Mobile

Office phones, desk phones, mobile and cell phones

Printers Copiers & Scanners

Printers, copiers, scanners, poster printing and facsimile (fax) services

Research Computing

Advanced computing for research, high performance computing (HPC), instrumentation, data visualization and research software

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Software & Hardware

Software library, hardware and software requests

Teaching & Learning

Academic consultation services, classroom technology, teaching labs, survey tools, data visualization, photography, video and, GIS services

Web Publishing & Development

Academic and personal web publishing on and