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Getting Started @ Colby

Getting Started at Colby helps guide individuals through initial setup of particular services

Accounts, Email & Calendar

Accounts, directory and profile information, password management, video/web conferencing, E-mail and online collaboration tools

Business and Administrative Systems

Portals, forms, surveys and consulting services for business and administrative applications

Event A/V Support

Technological and production support for campus events and general audio/visual consultation

Information Security

Secure computing policies, practices and training, device encryption and multi-factor authentication

Internet & TV

Wired and wireless network access, VPN services and streaming television service

Phone & Mobile

Office phones, desk phones, mobile and cell phones

Printers Copiers & Scanners

Printers, copiers, scanners, poster printing and facsimile (fax) services

Research Computing

Advanced computing for research, high performance computing (HPC), instrumentation, data visualization and research software

Backup & Storage

File sharing and storage, device and file backup for workstations

Software & Hardware

Software library, hardware and software requests

Teaching & Learning

Academic consultation services, classroom technology, teaching labs, survey tools, data visualization, photography, video and, GIS services

Web Publishing & Development

Academic and personal web publishing on and

How-to Articles

Articles designed to assist users in self service

Converting a former Colby Student to Employee

How to create an account for a former Colby Student who has been hired to work at the college.