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Configuring secondary email address

Configuring a secondary email account will allow you to perform self-service password resets.

How to request a name change or preferred name change, or a change in email address

Overview of how to deal with issues related to changes in name, preferred name, and Colby ID

Identifying Fraudulent Email

identifying Fraudulent Email

Learn Google Apps

An Overview of the Google Services provided at Colby.

Leaving Colby: E-mail

An Overview on how Information Technology Services (ITS) can help you transition from your Colby e-mail to a non-Colby e-mail address.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when abroad

How to set Okta MFA for use on multiple phones specifically for international travel.

Signing into Services with your Colby Account

Tips to access your Colby account when a user isn't able to log in.