Kleopatra Encryption Software

Kleopatra is program built on the open source program GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) for Windows computers that allows a user to manage cryptographic keys and to encrypt and decrypt files. The keys are usually provided by an outside source to process files that have been encrypted and shared by email or other method. A person first imports any keys, then chooses to decrypt a file, finds and loads the file, then applies the correct key to create an unencrypted document from the original encrypted file.

You can also encrypt files with this and to do so you would create a personal key and then share the public key generated in that process with the person you wanted to share files with. That process is not documented in this article.

Anyone that used Symantec Encryption Desktop to manage their cryptographic keys will want to use this instead. Kleopatra can use your existing keys and can manage any new encryption keys. The package can be installed from Software Center for Colby-owned Windows computers, or you can download and install by hand. Here are the instructions for Colby computers:

To install:

  1. After logging into Windows, search for and open Software Center
    1. Alternatively, download the software Gpg4win HERE
  2. Find and open Gpg4win - Kleopatra
  3. Click Install
Import your cryptographic keys:
(If you need to import your keys from Symantec Encryption Desktop, search for a folder named PGP in Documents with your keys. You need to import your pubring and secring keys.)
  1. Open Kleopatra
  2. Select File menu > Import...
  3. Navigate to where your keys were downloaded or are now located
  4. In the lower right-hand corner, change the drop down list to "Any files (*.*)"
  5. Navigate to find your public key file and click Open (may be named (pubring)
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for your private key file if needed (may be name secring)
Now you can open files in Kleopatra with your PGP keys
  1. Open Kleopatra
  2. Select File menu > Decrypt/Verify...
  3. Navigate to find your AP file(s)
  4. Enter passphrase if prompted.
  5. Click Open
  6. Process your file as usual.
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