Setting Up E-mail on iOS

Syncing Colby Apps E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar on an iPad or iPhone

1. Go to Settings > Mail
2. Click Accounts.

3. Click Add Account.
4. Click Microsoft Exchange. In the dialogue box that appears, enter the following information:

  • Email: Colby e-mail address
  • Password: Colby e-mail password
  • Description: Colby Apps E-mail

5. Click Next.
6. Click Continue. If Cannot Verify Server Identity pops up, the dialogue box will expand.
7. Fill in the blank fields with the following information:

  • Server:
  • Domain: leave blank
  • Username: Colby e-mail address (including “”)

8. Select what you want to sync with Colby Apps E-mail, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar by turning each category on or off as needed.
9. Click Save. A Passcode Requirement dialog box will appear. You need to set a passcode to protect access to your e-mail now or later. If you wait to set a passcode, no e-mail will be downloaded.

Note: Implementing your Colby E-mail on your iOS device will require you to enter a passcode to unlock it. This is a function of Microsoft Exchange.

10. Click Continue to set your new passcode.
11. Enter your passcode twice for verification.
12. Click OK.

Note: Your e-mail, calendar, and contacts may take some time to download depending on the amount of data you download.


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