You will use your ColbyCard to gain access to residence halls and dining halls, check books out of the libraries, do laundry, buy postage, buy a soft drink, make photocopies, and make purchases at the Joseph Family Spa, Cotter Union Post Office, Bookstore, Marchese Blue Light Pub, Library, and Health Center.

Services (8)

Building Access

ColbyCards and key fobs work in conjunction with the C*Cure 9000 system to allow access to buildings

Campus Cash

Issues/requests related to Campus Cash

ColbyCard Request for Spouse/Dependent

Colby offers access to some fitness and athletics facilities for spouse/dependents of current Colby employees

Laundry Technologies

Report issues related to LaundryView

Lost ColbyCard

Report a lost ColbyCard

New ColbyCard

Request a new ColbyCard

Replacement ColbyCard

Damaged or broken ColbyCards can be replaced with new cards

Vending and Point of Sale (POS)

ColbyCards work with most vending machines and point of sale units on campus to allow card holders to use funds for acquiring products