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Learn how to use the Service Catalog and create support tickets

Colby College uses EMS for our campus event system

Software Requests for faculty, staff, classrooms, and mobile devices

A network access control that manages device access over the Ethernet

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Support

Pharos print services

Steps for streaming television on a Roku player

Our office can create and staff a webinar to your specifications.

Print services

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language

Having issues setting up, configuring, or simply can't print?

Steps for streaming television in a web browser

Connecting to the Colby network and the Internet

Colby Apps provides a fully integrated email and calendaring solution with automatic mobile synchronization of email and calendar to handheld devices.

Classroom related technology support

Setup and Use of Office Phones

Colby Access, Colby Guest Access, and eduroam

Consult with Academic ITS to identify and receive support for technology in teaching and scholarship.

Technological and production support for campus events

Hardware Requests

The following Adobe products are available through ITS Support Center. Colby has a campus-wide license for Adobe, which is available on college-owned machines only

Specialized media production equipment is available for student projects.

Mathematical symbolic computation software


Virtual private network allows access to restricted systems and off-campus access to the network.