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Learn how to use the Service Catalog and create support tickets

Web publishing for academic and club websites on

Consult with Academic ITS to identify and receive support for technology in teaching and scholarship.

The following Adobe products are available through ITS Support Center. Colby has a campus-wide license for Adobe, which is available on college-owned machines only

Aerial cinematography, 2D orthographic maps, or large 3D scans

Use drones to capture aerial images and other data

ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information

Convert older media formats to modern digital formats

Record audio in the sound isolation booth.

AV Upgrade Consultations

Cell Phones

Classroom related technology support

Colby Apps provides a fully integrated email and calendaring solution with automatic mobile synchronization of email and calendar to handheld devices.

The College wiki that can be used for documentation, course pages, departmental sites