Virtual Environments

A virtual environment is a networked application that allows a Colby user to interact with both the computing environment and the work of others. Here are virtual environments available at Colby:

  • RStudio or a specific course, eg.
  • Apporto is used in selected courses for specific licensed software, such as Quartus, MATLAB, ARCGIS, SPSS, Stata, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop
  • Jupyter is a local server in our private cloud that is primarily used for python. As compute demand increases it is handled by nscc.colby.eduj, our HPC cluster. This server has direct access to students’ personal directories and course folders, eg. NOTE: jupterhub clusters are located at Google. They will have limited compute capability and not be directly integrated with course or personal folders on They will be able to scale up rapidly with Google compute nodes that can handle 4 concurrent users as needed. Students will have 10gig of storage, but no direct integration with Google Drive, so they will need to save their work for submission 
  • Sage is a local server used exclusively for the sage language. This server and cluster will be on Colby’s private cloud on the nutanix gear and take advantage of its NVIDIA GPU integration
  • Git Hub and other git resources will be a focus of the Davis AI Initiative moving forward. As a repository for code, its advantage is that students will have access to all uploaded files after they leave Colby
  • Nutanix is a service located on the local private cloud
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