Cell Phones


  • Cell service is provided for faculty/staff members who require it for business.
  • The primary purpose of Colby paid cell service is for official business.
  • Supervisor and Administrative VP approval are needed for each new service.
  • Colby cell service centrally contracted, with any equipment remaining the exclusive property of Colby.
  • Plans are cost-effective yet robust enough for all uses. Few alterations are permitted.
  • Cell expenses are charged to departments. Other reimbursements/stipends are not permitted.
    (NOTE: Exceptions to any of these processes are rare and can only be made by the Administrative Vice President.)


SmartPhone plans are billed at $95/month, including unlimited talk and text.  Also includes Travel Pass between Canada/US/Mexico as well as basic international calling. Contact the ITS Support Center with any questions about international coverage.

iPad Data Plans are billed at $50/month iPads that require cellular service have to be coordinated through ITS for billing and SIM card activation.

Mobile Extension / 'twinning' Office Phone to Mobile

Colby office desk phones are capable of linking to Colby cell phones using a feature called twinning. Unlike call-forwarding, twinning treats the cell phone as a secondary desk phone allowing the user to switch back and forth between the two during a conversation. Caller ID for incoming Colby calls appears as the caller's extension unless the caller has a customized caller ID. Twinning must be configured at the telephone switch for the requested extension(s). To set up this service, contact the ITS support center.

On-Campus Cell Phone Support

For college-owned cell phones, please contact the ITS Support Center at 207-859-4222 or x4222 from on campus.  You can also email support@colby.edu with questions or issues.

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