Media Equipment Loan

Academic ITS has equipment available to put on hold for specific courses or assignments.  Once reserved and confirmed, this equipment can be picked up from the Miller Library circulation desk during library hours.  Kits available are:

  • Canon XA10 camcorders – This also contains a wired lavalier mic and a shotgun mic.  These kits are best for basic video recording with a shallow learning curve.
  • Canon 60D and 80D DSLRs – The kit comes with a 17-135mm lens, 50mm prime lens, and a shotgun microphone.  These cameras produce a high-quality image, but demand more from the user.
  • Audio kit – This includes an H4N Zoom Recorder and Sennheiser wireless lavalier mic.  This is a great standalone solution for an audio production.  Alternatively, it can be coupled with the DSLR kit for higher-quality sound.
  • LED Light kit – This is a small, camera-mounted unit which provides an extra boost of light when filming.
  • Advanced gear – this is in limited supply, but is usually available when requested.
    • Lowell 3 point light kit
    • Boom microphone
    • GoPro Hero
    • Camera slider

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