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Getting your mobile device connected

Colby Access, Colby Guest Access, and eduroam

Colby Apps provides a fully integrated email and calendaring solution with automatic mobile synchronization of email and calendar to handheld devices.

Steps for streaming television in a web browser

Colby College uses EMS for our campus event system

Issues related to machines and desktop images and software for computers in teaching labs

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Any support with planning for research projects, including hardware, software, and data.

Colby ITS can assist in tracking a lost or stolen device.

Retrieve or Change a Parent Password

Students can grant each parent access to their financial and/or academic information.

Verify ownership and use data associated with assets

Setup and Use of Office Phones

Connecting to the Colby network and the Internet

The Blackbaud Academic Works solution serves as the catalyst to improve student access to scholarship funds, enhance cross-functional visibility throughout the scholarship process, and revolutionize donor reporting.

A livestream delivers your audio and video embedded on a web page, like a YouTube video (but in real time).

Zoom is Colby's video conferencing tool.

The Colby College Portal "myColby" is for students, staff, faculty & parents.

Departmental and New Hire end user security training

Scanning of prints, photos, slides, and documents.

Mathematical symbolic computation software