Stock Video / Audio Footage

Occasionally when creating video or audio projects, the need arises for additional audio or video footage, such as music, sound effects, or video clips that can't be captured on campus.  Please visit the following resources for freely-available audio/video content for student projects, internal videos, and other non-commercial applications:

  • Pexels Video offers a wide array of high quality videos and photos.
  • Pixabay specializes in photos, but also offers a limited selection of videos, illustrations, music, and sound effects.
  • Adobe Stock, while commonly viewed as a paid service, offers several free photos, vectors, and videos.
  • Free Music Archive features over 100,000 music tracks.
  • YouTube Audio Library provides free music, available for download.

Many of these services utililize Creative Commons licensing, and attribution should be provided in accordance with the site.  To discuss more options, click Request Service on this page.

Note: Colby used to provide access to VideoBlocks and AudioBlocks, but that service is no longer offered.

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