Sharing a Kaltura Video

Public Sharing to a Website

Follow these steps to share a link to a video which does not require users to log in.

  1. Log on to Kaltura.
  2. Go to your My Media page and click on the video to be shared.
  3. Click on Actions > Publish.
  4. Choose Unlisted.
  5. Click on the Share tab.
  6. Click on Link to Media Page.
  7. Copy the URL.
  8. Anyone with this link will now be able to watch your video.

Private Sharing to a Website

Follow these steps to share a link to a video which requires users to be logged in.  This is an effective option for tracking individual user's views, or making sure that the video is only available to a restricted range of users.

  1. Log on to Kaltura.
  2. Create a new channel with restricted permissions if one does not yet exist.
    • Select your user name at the top, and then select My Channels.
    • Click on the + Add Channel button.
    • Give the channel an appropriate Name and Description.
    • Set Privacy as required and check the appropriate Options.
    • Click Save.
  3. Navigate to your channel, which is found in My Channels.
  4. Click the + Add to Channel button.
  5. Check the video that is being shared.
  6. Click the Publish button, found above the list.
  7. Refresh your channel page if the video is not displayed.
  8. Click on the video to share.
  9. Click on the Share tab.
  10. Copy the URL under Link to Media Page.  This will be the link to share your video.
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