Online Video Platform

Kaltura is Colby's online video platform.  This tool supports many activities related to video, including:

  • Webcam recording
  • Desktop screen recording
  • Simple video editing
  • Video hosting and sharing
  • Integrated quizzing
  • Moodle integration
  • Student engagement analytics

Use cases of Kaltura include:

  • Recording a flipped classroom video — Using your laptop and Kaltura Capture, record both your webcam and laptop screen to present course material, which can be shared in Moodle.  These two sources (the webcam and screen) are recorded as discrete streams which will be selectable by your viewers.
  • Embedded quizzing — Integrated quiz questions (true/false, multiple choice, and open answer) can be placed at various points in your video.  This enhances student comprehension and engagement with course materials.  Responses are logged directly into the Moodle gradebook.
  • Sharing pre-made videos with a course — Many pre-existing videos can be uploaded directly to your Kaltura account to share with others.  Kaltura can also link to YouTube videos.
  • Adding captioning to videos — Kaltura will apply machine-based captioning to all videos in its system, and these generally have a 93% accuracy.  Some non-English languages are available as well, and captions can be edited.

To get started using Kaltura, log in to the Colby Video Portal.

To discover videos explaining how to use different features, visit Kaltura Learning.

To search for support articles, navigate to the Kaltura Knowledge Center.


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