Cleaning an IDEA Whiteboard

Several classrooms on Colby's campus feature IDEA whiteboards, which double as a writing surface and a screen for projection. These are noted by a rougher texture and the absence of a traditional pull-down projector screen in the room. Many have found this to be a useful setup for annotating a Powerpoint using the whiteboard markers. However, cleaning them is often a sticking point. This article will highlight effective ways to clean IDEA boards.


IDEA boards are found in the following spaces:

  • Lovejoy 102, 103, 119
  • Olin 019b
  • Runnals 201
  • Bixler 219
  • Gordon Center

Cleaning Process

IDEA boards are not cleaned effectively using traditional erasers. Instead, follow these steps.

  1. Use the melamine eraser after the marker has dried (about 10 seconds after marking). This is a 100% dry process and should not use any spray cleaner. Firmly press and erase.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. For any residual markings or for a thorough cleaning, use a combination of whiteboard cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
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