Recording with Kaltura Classroom

Certain classrooms across campus are outfitted with rolling lecture capture carts that include Kaltura Classroom recording software.  These systems are capable of being automatically scheduled and livestreamed (that can be requested here), or can be manually triggered by the user.  To perform the manual (or ad hoc) recording, please do the following:

  1. Locate the Kaltura Classroom cart in the classroom.  Please note that these are not deployed to every classroom, but one may be requested.
  2. Ensure that the computer is turned on and logged in to Windows.  When rebooted, the computer will automatically log in to the Kaltura user.
  3. By default, Kaltura Classroom will open.  If it is not visible, please open Kaltura Classroom.
  4. At the bottom of Kaltura Classroom, you will see all the inputs that are being recorded.  By default, this will be the webcam on the left (source 1) and the desktop on the right (source 2).  You will also see a sound meter. Make sure that you see the inputs that you expect to record.
  5. The webcam has the ability to recess into the all-in-one computer.  If you do not see the webcam input, please make sure that the webcam is in the upright position.  If it is not, press down in the area at the top of the computer, and it will pop out.
  6. Position the cart so that the webcam captures the desired course content.
  7. Press the large red record button.
  8. You will be taken to a Colby log in screen.  Enter your Colby credentials and click Sign In.
  9. You will see a five-second countdown, after which the recording will start.
  10. Press the red pause button to pause the recording (for example, if the class takes a break). Press the red button to resume.
  11. Press the white square (stop) icon to stop the recording immediately.
  12. Give the recording a title, if desired.
  13. Click Save.
  14. The recording can be found in Kaltura My Media.
  15. Please leave the computer turned on and plugged in.


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