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Academic & Personal Web Publishing

Web publishing for academic and club websites on

Academic Consultation Services

Consult with Academic ITS to identify and receive support for technology in teaching and scholarship.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The following Adobe products are available through ITS Support Center. Colby has a campus-wide license for Adobe, which is available on college-owned machines only

Aerial Image Capture

Use drones to capture aerial images and other data


ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information

Audio & Visual Digitization

Convert older media formats to modern digital formats

Audio Recording

Record audio in the sound isolation booth.

AV Upgrade Consultations

AV Upgrade Consultations


Cell Phones

Cell Phones

Classroom Technology

Classroom related technology support


A network access control that manages device access over the Ethernet

Colby Apps (Email...)

Colby Apps provides a fully integrated email and calendaring solution with automatic mobile synchronization of email and calendar to handheld devices.

Confluence / Wiki

The College wiki that can be used for documentation, course pages, departmental sites

Consultation & Software Integration

Consultation, Integration, & Implementation Support for acquiring software from third-party vendors


Campus copiers


Data Visualization

Data visualization using various tools and platforms

Device Encryption

Device encryption via Symantec

Digital Signage

Digital display service that uses DIgital Display workflow to manage flow.

Directory & Profile Pages

Directory & Profile Pages


End User Workstation Backup

Crashplan is a tool used to backup personal files/folders

Equipment Loan

Requests for borrowing hardware (computers, peripherals, adapters, etc)

Event Management System (EMS)

Colby College uses EMS for our campus event system

Event Support

Technological and production support for campus events


Fabrication & Virtual Reality

Mule Works offers 3D printing, laser cutting, & virtual reality experiences.

Fax Services

RightFax is the Colby fax server solution.

File Sharing & Storage

Local & Cloud Multi-Protocol File Sharing


GIS and Spatial Analysis

Create, visualize and analyze spatial data using a geographic information system (GIS)


Hardware Maintenance

Requests related to hardware maintenance for college-owned devices that are broken or not working as intended.

Hardware Relocation

ITS can assist with relocating Colby-owned technology hardware.

Hardware Removal

Submit a request to have technology removed for reuse or disposal

Hardware Request

Hardware Requests

High Performance Computing

High Performance Compute Clusters


Information Security Awareness and Training

Departmental and New Hire end user security training

Information Security Incident Handling

Response to Information Security incidents

iPad and iPad Apps

iPad user support and training

ITS Support Center


Learning Management System

Colby uses Moodle as its Learning Management System



Malware (a portmanteau for malicious software) is any software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network.


Mathematical symbolic computation software


MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language

Media Equipment Loan

Specialized media production equipment is available for student projects.

Microsoft Office

Access to Colby-provided productivity suite

Mobile Device Set Up

Getting your mobile device connected

Multi-Factor Authentication Okta - Duo

Okta and Duo Multfactor MFA support

MyColby Portal

The Colby College Portal "myColby" is for students, staff, faculty & parents.


Network Access

Connecting to the Colby network and the Internet


Qualitative and mixed methods research software


Office Phones

Setup and Use of Office Phones

Official Colby Web Publishing

Web publishing on

Official Notices

Official Notices are messages that are targeted towards specific audiences.

Online Surveys and Forms

Create custom surveys and forms with easy-to-use tools.

Online Training online learning platform


Parent Accounts

Students can grant each parent access to their financial and/or academic information.

Parent Password Management

Retrieve or Change a Parent Password

Password Management

Set password, change password, ITS password management

Peripheral Device Support

The ITS Support Center provides assistance with installation and maintenance of peripheral devices


Report incidents of phishing or other fraudulent e-mail activity

Policy Adherence and Risk Management

Policy Adherence and Risk Management


PowerFAIDS is easy-to-use software that automates every task in your financial aid process.

Printing - Black & White

Print services

Printing - Color

Pharos print services

Printing - Posters

Large Scale Printing


Request a Printer

Get Assistance procuring a printer for your department or individual use.

Request assistance troubleshooting a printer issue.

Having issues setting up, configuring, or simply can't print?

Request the Schupf Lab

The Schupf Lab in Olin 019 is used for computational sciences and visualization.

Research Computing Planning & Consulting

Assistance with planning & consulting related to research projects.
Data management plan implementation

Research Instrumentation

Scientific Instrumentation

Research Software

Software that is used in a research context, typically not in teaching. Usually discipline specific.



Scanning of prints, photos, slides, and documents.


Scorewriter software

Software Requests

Software Requests for faculty, staff, classrooms, and mobile devices

SpectrumU - Mobile Device

Steps for streaming television on a mobile device

SpectrumU - Roku Player

Steps for streaming television on a Roku player

SpectrumU - Web Browser

Steps for streaming television in a web browser


Statistics software


Data management software

Stock Video / Audio Footage


Teaching Labs

Labs used for various teaching purposes


Using the Service Catalog

Learn how to use the Service Catalog and create support tickets


Venue Information

Event venues & auditoriums

Video & Web Conferencing

Video conferencing and Web conferencing Service

Video Content Management System

Kaltura is an all-in-one tool for recording, editing, and distributing videos.

Video Recording

Methods for video and lecture capture

Virtualization & Containerization

Virtualization environment of servers for research and teaching


Virtual private network allows access to restricted systems and off-campus access to the network.


Web Browser

Application for browsing web pages on the Internet.

Web-Based Research Services

Wireless Network

Colby Access, Colby Guest Access, and eduroam