Video & Web Conferencing

Available Video and Web Conferencing Tools:

Google Hangouts Meet

All Colby users have access to the Google Hangouts Meet web conferencing platform. Hangouts Meet allows up to 250 people in a meeting; the option to dial in with a phone number; screen sharing; no time limit; and is easy to integrate scheduling with your Colby Google Calendar.


All Colby users have access to the Zoom web conferencing platform. Zoom features unlimited 1:1 meetings and meetings up to 300 participants for meetings lasting less than 40 minutes. For meetings with 3 or more participants lasting over 40 minutes, the College has a limited pool of Zoom Pro licenses that may be requested

  • A Zoom Basic account is available to anyone with a Colby login at this site:
  • A Zoom Pro license can be requested if you need the breakout room feature of Zoom for meetings lasting over 40 minutes with multiple remote users.

Note: Before requesting a Zoom Pro Licence please review this platform selection matrix.

Request a Zoom Pro license


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