Parent Password Management

The Colby Parent login and password is used to access the myColby Parent tab.  With permissions from the student(s), parents can view student grades, schedule, and/or student account statements.

  • Parent ID and passwords are preset, however the password can be changed from the Parent Tab in myColby.  You must be log in to myColby to access the “Password Reset” page.  Your password can not exceed eight characters, if you enter more then eight characters the password will be trimed back to the first eight characters entered.
  • Parents can recover their login and password from the Parent tab in myColby.  Click on “myColby Help/Password Reset“.  The parent email address is required and it must match the email address in our system.  Then enter two of the following three fields:  Student ID, Parent ID or Student date of birth.  If a match is made in our system your credentials will be sent to the parent email address within fifteen minutes. If you are not successful then fill out the “Lost your Password?” form  and we will resend your credentials.  Weekend and holiday submissions will be responded to on the next business day.
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