Using the One Button Studio

The One Button Studio at Colby allows for easy recording of yourself, a laptop, or both simultaneously.  The room has all the lights, cameras, microphones and other recording tools needed.  All you have to do is bring a thumb drive. 

Possible uses include:

  • Flipping a classroom
  • Recording a lecture in advance
  • Practicing a presentation
  • Capturing a computer screen with narration
  • Recording an interview with a guest speaker

The One Button Studio is available to all members of the Colby community.  The studio is located in Lovejoy 406 – the Instructional Media Center.  You can reserve, please click here or first come first serve.  See the video below for a brief tour of the room, and scroll further down for common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large of a thumb drive do I need to bring?

For every 1 GB, you’ll be able to record 15 minutes. If you run out of space on your drive, the file will not save to your USB storage.

What’s actually getting recorded to my drive?

Whatever layout you see on the confidence monitor in front of you is what gets recorded to your drive. Some have noticed a stuttering motion on the confidence monitor; this artifact will not be recorded.

How can I be sure that my voice is being recorded?

During the power-up sequence, there is a prompt to do an audio test. You will be able to hear yourself at this stage. Additionally, there is a small pair of audio meters on the equipment rack to provide a visual representation of your voice.

Is my presentation actually being recorded?

Any FAT32 formatted drive should be compatible with the system. If further confirmation is needed, look to the equipment rack. While recording, there will be a button with a black dot that glows red. During the 5 second countdown, this light will blink.

Where do I look while I'm recording?

It’s typically recommended that one looks directly into the camera lens. However, the natural tendency is to look at oneself in the confidence monitor. In the case of the One Button Studio, either is acceptable. However, if you don’t want to see yourself, there is a button to switch off the monitor once you begin recording.

I’ve done my recording. Now what should I do with the video?

The file on your USB drive can easily be uploaded to YouTube using your Colby credentials. Once uploaded, videos can be edited with YouTube’s built-in editor. Privacy settings can be managed as well.

I need extra help. Who should I talk to?

For any support – from receiving a tour of the room to recovering lost data – Click the Request Service link in the Video Recording service in the Service Catalog.


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