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This article outlines several common questions around Moodle.
An Overview of the Google Services provided at Colby.
This is a brief guide on producing quality video content with a few foundational steps.
This is an explanation of the One Button Studio, a space for easy recording of yourself and/or your laptop.
Moodle, a learning platform and course management system, allows for manual enrollment of user into a course (as a teacher or student)
This is a guide for moving older courses' content into a newer site on Moodle.
Frequently Asked Questions of Qualtrics, an online survey service
A brief overview of the Apple Pencil
This is a guide for changing courses from hidden to visible and vice versa in Moodle.
An overview on using an iPad including a list of buttons and how to get started.
An Overview on Zoom, a video conferencing and meeting service, including tutorial and FAQ links.