PaperCut Frequently Asked Questions

My print job is stuck and says "Hold for Authentication".

This happens when the username and password provided to send the job to PaperCut does not match your Colby username and password.  The fastest way to fix this is to click the "retry" icon (arrow going in a circle) to the right of your stuck print job.  This will re-prompt you for authentication, the top line should be your Colby username (the first part of your email address before the and your Colby email password.

When I print from a public computer in the library, my print job isn't waiting for me to release.

The most common cause is the public computer is remembering the username and password of the last person to print from that computer.  The fastest way to fix this is to save all your work to your Google Drive or an external thumb drive (because restarting the public computers erases all saved data) and then restart the public computer and start the print job over again.

Should I print to the printer named Colby Public or Colby Public Library?

If you are printing from your own computer, you should print to Colby Public.  If you are printing from one of the public computers in the library, you should print to Colby Public Library.

When I print, it comes out way too small on the paper or the printer tells me to load a different size paper.

This is due to the fact that Google Chrome defaults to the European A3 paper size.  When you are getting ready to print your document, click the More settings drop-down and set the paper to Letter size.

I'm trying to print black and white but the copier says it is going to charge me $0.XX, what gives?!

This is a known bug and ITS is working to address it, thankfully no charge is actually applied to your account if you are printing black and white.

How do I add money to my ColbyCard/PaperCut account so I can print more color pages?

Go to the Financial Services - Eaccounts page HERE to add money to your card.


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