Access to the CARS / CX terminal menu (or shell) via the secure shell protocol (SSH) requires connecting to the proxy host These instructions outline how to connect to cx-login and use its menu to connect to various CARS / CX hosts.

  1. Configure your SSH client (Secure Shell, WinSSH, putty, etc) to connect to the server. If you are using a terminal window or command prompt, you can type ssh  You may be prompted to approve the server certificate by typing yes.
  2. Authenticate using your Colby account credentials. You will be prompted for your Duo MFA.
  3. Following successful authentication on cars-proxy, you will be prompted to enter your Colby password once again on the CARS / CX server to complete your connection.

All connections to CARS/CX must be proxied in this way, with a new connection made through the proxy host for each connection required.

If an option is not displayed or other menu functions are not working as expected, contact the ITS support center for assistance.



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