Digital Signage Request, Approval and Acquisition Process


The goal of Colby’s digital signage program is to display useful, timely or emergency information on strategically located screens in public areas of campus.

The network of signage is centrally managed by Communications, Facilities and ITS. Individual screens may be owned and controlled by individual academic departments and administrative offices in adherence to the policy listed below.

Management and Governance

  • Approved digital signs in public areas of the college such as lobbies, dining commons, common areas of residences halls must be appropriately licensed and integrated with the College’s signage content management system (CMS).
  • Digital signs integrated with the CMS will have access to College-wide signage content produced by the Office of Communications, and become part of the College’s emergency notification system.
  • The Office of Communications, with advance notice, may temporarily assume control of any digital sign during significant public events on campus or in case of emergency.
  • Academic departments, and administrative offices with approved digital signs are responsible for creating, controlling and updating their specific signage content via the CMS, in adherence to guidelines defined by the Office of Communications.
  • The Office of Communications will offer guidance, support, and training on creating signage content.
  • If a department or office has unforeseen difficulties or challenges in consistently managing its signage, it should contact the ITS Support Center to discuss ongoing strategies for its use.


Requesting a new digital sign

Academic departments and administrative offices at the College may request a digital sign for public display in their office area(s), buildings, or other public space(s) on campus by contacting ITS Support at 859-4222 or

Representatives from Communications, Facilities, and ITS will jointly review requests.

Signage categories and considerations

Public Signage: New signage requested in high-visibility areas to inform the general public will be evaluated based on the appropriateness of its proposed location, placement within the location, proximity to other signage, effectiveness in reaching its audience, and content management plan.

Administrative Signage: New signage requested by administrative offices to inform staff and visitors will be evaluated based on its proposed placement within the location, proximity to other signage, and content management plan.

Academic Signage: New signage requested by academic department areas to inform faculty, students, and visitors will be evaluated based on its proposed placement within the location, proximity to other signage, and content management plan.

Acquisition and installation of digital signs

  • Following sign request approval, Facilities and ITS will coordinate network, electric, player and display hardware acquisition and installation.
  • Communications and ITS will coordinate with requestor on licensing new screens for use with the College’s signage CMS.
  • Communications and ITS will coordinate with requestor to provide signage CMS training.
  • Academic departments and administrative offices are responsible for all costs associated with acquisition, installation, and operation of digital signs, including annual cost for per-screen signage CMS licenses.


  • All digital signage support may be coordinated with the ITS Support Center including:
    • Training on use of the digital signage CMS
    • Any problems or questions about the signage CMS
    • Changes to sign CMS permissions
    • Sign maintenance or performance concerns
    • Relocating or removing signs temporarily or permanently
    • Sign costs and recurring license charges
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