Managing Forced Extended Display Mode with PowerPoint on Macs

By default, starting a PowerPoint presentation on Macs will trigger the extended display mode to accommodate Presenter View.  Occasionally, users will either prefer the mirrored display or will want to easily swap to another window in mirrored mode.  This can be managed entirely within PowerPoint.  Please follow these steps to manage PowerPoint's extended display mode:

  1. Start your slide show (Slide Show ribbon menu > Play from Start).
  2. Once the slide show has started, present as usual, if presenter view is preferred.  When ready to switch to another window, click on Use Slide Show in the top left menu of presenter view.  This will switch back to mirrored mode.
  3. To get to your other windows, use the keyboard shortcut of ⌘-Tab.  This will let you swap to another window that is open on the computer.
  4. To get back to the slide show, use this same shortcut key of ⌘-Tab.
  5. You will still be in mirrored slide show view.  If you with to get back to presenter view, right-click on the slide show and choose Use Presenter View.


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Fri 3/3/23 2:21 PM
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