Setting Up Events Management System (EMS)

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If prompted for a URL or to type in a EMS Web Deploy configuration URL, please type in

This applies to Windows and Mac users. If you type in your user name or something else EMS won't work for you. Steps and screenshots have been provided at the AppFacde Server URL link. 



Microsoft Windows Steps

This is the preferred method.

  1. Click the Windows key or start menu that looks like four boxes and start typing Software Center
  2. Select EMS and click Install Please note, your version might be newer. You will know which version based on the email sent the to EMS Desktop Users group and within Software Center you will see New in the right coroner of the application icon unless you have already clicked on it. 
  3. The installation process might take some time depending on your machine and Network or Internet speed.
  4. Once the install is finished, it will say Uninstall You may also click on Installation Status within Software Center to see this.
  5. Next, search for and click on EMS Server - Update Settings.
  6. Click Install. The installation may take a few moments to get started.
  7. Finally you will click your start menu and type EMS to launch the app.
  8. If prompted for a URL or to type in a EMS Web Deploy configuration URL, please type in

If you do not see EMS in your Software Center, please Request Service in order to create a ticket and have your machine added to the group. Please ensure you include EMS install needed in the title of the ticket.

You may also follow The manual way below, but you will not get updates when the system is updated.


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The manual way.

These steps are to be used when you don't see the application in Software Center Please note if you use or need the EMS Desktop software or your job function you should contact the ITS support center in order to be added to the list.

  1. Open the File Explorer and type the following address \\filer\Software\Windows\EMS
  2. The most recent update would be the one you would want to pick. An example below shows the most recent update with the date in the name. You will want to go by the date in the folder name and not by the date modified.
  3. Click the installer inside. In this case the installer is called EMSClient_223_1_2_30
  4. Follow the prompts to install in the default location.
  5. If prompted for a URL or to type in a EMS Web Deploy configuration URL, please type in

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Apple macOS Steps

Apple users will use Citrix Workspace as an Apple installer is not supported by the EMS vendor.

  1. Open Citrix Workspace and Type your Username, depending on your username format this can be colby\username or and your Password should be your normal password associated with the Colby account above, this is often your Google password.
  2. Once logged into Citrix you may have to click Apps and select All Apps and scroll down until you see EMS If you don't see EMS, you will need to contact the ITS support center to be added to the EMS group.
  3. Click EMS and log in with your EMS username and password.

If you do not see Citrix Workspace on your Apple device, please Request Service in order to create a ticket to have it installed. Please ensure you include Citrix Workspace install needed in the title of the ticket. This should be rare as Citrix Workspace is installed on all Colby owned Apple devices.

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AppFacde Server URL

This URL is what EMS uses and is attached to your user profile. 

  1. Type in the following URL once you reach this step.
  2. If you type anything else into the box, you will likely receive the below error and need to contact the Colby support center.  

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If you experience any errors during the installation process, please contact the support center.

For assistance, contact the ITS Support Center at Extension 4222 from a Colby Desk phone or (207-859-4222) from anywhere else, you may also submit an important, but non-urgent ticket to and we will arrange to replace it with Pulse Secure.


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