Installing Citrix Workspace

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Citrix Workspace, formerly known as Citrix Receiver, is a workspace manager that allows you to run Windows programs on remote servers and optionally use local disk storage and printers. This is the supported method of running Windows programs on Macintoshes. Some applications that Citrix is used for at Colby are EMS, Raiser's Edge NXT and RightFax.

To install Citrix Workspace with a Colby-owned or managed computer follow these steps.

Macintosh (Colby Owned)

Windows (Colby Owned)


Macintosh (Colby Owned)

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  1. Launch Finder and double-click the Self Service application.
  2. Locate Citrix Workspace and click Install.

  1. After installation, navigate to the Applications and double-click Citrix Workspace
  2. When prompted, type then click the Continue button

  1. Enter your Colby e-mail address and password, then click Log On
  2. The Citrix Workspace application window will display any applications or desktops that you can run. The first time your run an application or desktop, you may prompted by Citrix to grant access to your hard drive or printer. In general you will grant access to any local resources.

Windows (Colby Owned)

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Note: A restart is required after installation

  1. Open Software Center
  2. In the upper right corner, type Citrix. Hit Enter.  This will display the Citrix item in Software Center

  1. Click the Install button
  2. After installation is complete, if prompted to Restart, click the Restart button
  3. After the restart is complete, launch the Citrix Workspace App
  4. When prompted, enter for the server address then click the Add button

  1. Enter your Colby email address and password then click the Sign In button



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