Popular Services

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Setup and Use of Office Phones

Colby Apps provides a fully integrated email and calendaring solution with automatic mobile synchronization of email and calendar to handheld devices.

Aerial cinematography, 2D orthographic maps, or large 3D scans

Statistics software

Connecting to the Colby network and the Internet

Use drones to capture aerial images and other data

Data management software

Directory & Profile Pages

The Colby College Portal "myColby" is for students, staff, faculty & parents.

Consult with Academic ITS to identify and receive support for technology in teaching and scholarship.

Colby Access, Colby Guest Access, and eduroam

Web publishing for academic and club websites on web.colby.edu

Local & Cloud Multi-Protocol File Sharing

The following Adobe products are available through ITS Support Center. Colby has a campus-wide license for Adobe, which is available on college-owned machines only

Hardware Requests

Application for browsing web pages on the Internet.

High definition streaming television service

Access to Colby-provided productivity suite

Official Notices are messages that are targeted towards specific audiences.

ITS can assist with relocating Colby-owned technology hardware.

Duo and Google two-step user support

PowerFAIDS is easy-to-use software that automates every task in your financial aid process.

Software Requests for faculty, staff, classrooms, and mobile devices