Asset Verification


IT equipment is a key component of the college's educational mission as well as supporting its day-to-day business.  Due to the critical nature of this technology it is important to maintain accurate records of the owner and the primary use of each device.  ITS would like your assistance in verifying their asset records to ensure accuracy and completeness.


ITS affixes Colby College ID (blue bar code) stickers to most technology, commonly referred to as a "CCID".  As you are following the steps below, the My Assets section will show you the computer name which consists of a combination of the model and CCID.  For example an Apple iMac might be "iMac-025184" or a Dell Latitude 7370 laptop might be "7370-024357".

CCID Example

When filling out the form referenced in the steps below you will be asked to categorize the primary use of each system, below are the categories and brief descriptions and examples:

  • Personally Allocated - technology (computer, monitor, printer, etc) that you use in your office for your everyday duties
  • Shared Administrative - technology (computer, monitor, printer, etc) used by more than one person, this could include student worker computers or department "floater" systems
  • Research - technology (computer, monitor, printer, etc) primarily used by faculty and students for research, for example to prepare experiments or collect and analyze data
  • Learning Space - technology (computer, monitor, printer, etc) primarily used by faculty and students for course work, for instance a classroom or teaching lab


  1. Click on your name in the top right corner of this screen
    1. Opening in a "New Window" or "New Tab" may help
  2. Choose My Profile
  3. Scroll down and review the My Assets table
  4. Click the "Back" button in your web browser to return to this page
  5. Click the Verify My Assets button on the right hand side
  6. Fill in the form and click Request


If you have questions about this process or need assistance from ITS staff with verifying your assets, please reach out to the ITS Support Center at or 859-4222

Verify My Assets


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